painting and travelling | the last 25 years

born in switzerland  |  based in innsbruck austria  |  graffiti & tattoo artist  |  signwriter & illustrator


graffiti and streetart brought me to some very exiting spots around the world..


Lisbon, portugal

City of light they call the Portuguese capital. A historical city full of storys to tell, where the sun shines 290 days a year.

The city is a big fan of graffiti and streetart. You will find citywide murals and legal walls like the one i painted here at Calcada da Gloria.

collab with mad kid kaz / WDC


the gundam wall & the plague doctor production, downtown Innsbruck, collab with crazy mister sketch

Famous for stunning mountains and lots of outdoor activities our relatively small „big“ city has a variety of graffiti spots and hall of fames.

In and around Innsbruck works our busy friend Crazy Mister Sketch. Most legal walls and graffiti jams in this region are organized by him. 

The „Klassentreffen Graffiti Jam“ in 2022, where over 50 international artists painted an old school building, was one of the most epic Graffiti events so far.

collab with ksen / USB / WATS

Telaviv, Israel

southern telaviv, israel
southern telaviv, israel

Beside the harsh political climate around the region, Tel Aviv is a open-minded and liberal city, especially about graffiti and street art. 

Moscow, Russia

Diving into the post-comministic flair and general rudeness, Moscow is a crazy adventure. 
quick collab with the awesome zmogk/ TAD

Milan, italy

Nice weekend with the WATS crew in Italy. 

collab with KSEN/ HORST/ CAZU

hall of fame flevopark, amsterdam holland
hall of fame flevopark, amsterdam holland

amsterdam, the netherlands

Three productive days full of graffiti and tattoos in Amsterdam with the awesome Baten Graffitiflow.

collab with eklor

barcelona, spain

monte olympus , barcelona spain
monte olympus , barcelona spain

The great metropolis of arte nouveau is inspiring with every step you take through Barcelona. 

quicky on mount olympus

grundarfijördur iceland
grundarfijördur iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

A chilly and windy rooftop on a beautiful and bright night under a grotesque midnight sun in the middle of August.

rue denoyez belleville , paris france
rue denoyez belleville , paris france

paris, france

Quickie in the city of love.

south havanna wall , cuba
south havanna wall , cuba

Havanna, Cuba

The spirit of Cuba seems to be out romantically buried in the past, but they still maintain their dream and are willing to go with it no matter what.
In Havanna we had the pleasure to paint during the Artemas Festival with some talented Italian and Cuban artists. Sadly, our spray cans
never made it to Cuba or were kept in customs, so we had to paint with acrylics and brushes.
collab with osmo/ konfour/ phil/ mucha and many others

the old mill, nevada desert USA
the old mill, nevada desert USA

Deathvalley, Nevada, USA

venice beach hall of fame , los angeles USA
venice beach hall of fame , los angeles USA

Los Angeles

The melting pot of Los Angeles is by far the biggest thing I‘ve experienced in my life. Moloch and paradise at the same time and an indescribable feeling that every imaginable thing can happen at anytime if you just go with the flow. 

queen bees artcenter , san diego USA
queen bees artcenter , san diego USA

San diego

Straight on the border of Mexico San Diego is a beautiful and vibrant city full of bohemians, artists and freaks.
I managed to paint a piece at the well known „writersblock“, the only official legal wall around the city.
collab with cysko